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From his very own lips.

He bakes sumptuous cakes under the pretense they are gifts for the physically and mentally afflicted.

Then stuffs them in his face, while they look on drooling.

The man is a monster.
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He will come in our dreams and convert our children to choir boys. Then snatch them with his agile ways. I need the comfort of this community.
You and your frying-pan can make a difference! Remember to keep it by your pillow as you sleep!
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Spaffer is Very Bad.

Like the Dark One, he who you know as Paulo is known by many names, each a reflection of his evil work made manifest upon this earth. Some of you may already know him by this name, others may not. The name is Spaffer and Spaffer is Very Bad.

I have always known he was Very Bad. To find out that there now exists a group of victims joined in mutual understanding of how Very Bad Spaffer is warms my heart and gives me hope - hope, I tells you! You are good people and the Lord will rain sweetmeats down upon you for this act of unification in the face of bad old Paulo.